Sunday, May 25, 2014

We Are Here, and Some of Our Stuff

Moving day has come and gone and we are here on the island!  It's been over five years in planning, and even more in dreaming, but it's finally here!

Along the way, there were 28,827 details that needed decisions and action. One was shipping our few remaining household goods to the island.

We used a company called G&G shipping, now known as Seacorp Shipping.

You bring the stuff. We build the pallets, and they ship it over.

Really, it's very easy.

Jerry shipped out three pallets a few weeks ago, and we have already received them and paid the import taxes.

To ship a pallet, you stack the stuff up, maximum of 8-9', then wrap approximately 1,454 feet of shrink wrap around your goods. And tape. And prayers.

These were the last two pallets of household items. We also shipped Jerry's truck and the boat on its trailer. We have received those also, and paid the (huge!) import duties.

The stuff goes on the boat on a Tuesday or Thursday, and you get it 2-3 days later on the island.

Import fees are different for everything. Electronics, books, kids and baby stuff, and a bunch of other things are free to import. Tools, bikes, paper products, new items like clothes and shoes, and most other things are taxed anywhere from 25% to 50% of the items value.

Trucks and cars are 65% of the value, including the cost of shipping.

How do they know the value?

For household items they use eBay. The eBay rate is how they determine value.  For vehicles, they use "Bluebook" value. Or a completely made up number.

Good to know!

Also good to know, is that a dirty truck gets a lower value than a clean one.

We used a customs broker so the process was fast and easy. They overvalued the truck, but way undervalued the goods so it was a give and take.


I have my stuff. Most of it. The rest we will pick up tomorrow.

There's something awesome about having your own stuff.

Home is not the structure, it's the people, and to a small extent, the stuff inside.

Welcome home, stuff!


  1. I can't even imagine the brain power involved in orchestrating this move! Glad you are getting your things!

  2. If anyone would have it all together on getting this huge feat done, it's you two! Life is Good!

  3. Paula - I've tried in the past to keep up with your blogs but I forget.... Do you post notices somewhere that let's me know you've written more? And, is Paige still doing her earrings or anything on her Ensy (or whatever it is) site?

  4. Janet, once our computer is set up, I will add a feature to my blogs that allow followers to opt to receive email alerts when there is a new blog post. Also, I always post links on Facebook when I have a new blog post. Paige is restocking jewelry supplies this week and should have more products available soon on etsy. Thanks for asking?