Friday, June 6, 2014

So Now What?

We are here. All five of us plus one chicken dog. 

We've explored the house and unpacked our clothes.

We've been to the store and bought supplies.

Now what?

We have fun! Not rushing here and there, no plans, just whatever whenever!

First on the fun list:  Coconut hunting!

(As I haven't set up the computer yet and my good photos are on my good camera, these iphone shots will have to do for now.)

The kids and I walked around the neighborhood and found some just right coconuts. We like the ones with some green and brown so the meat is firm but not dry.

We borrowed a saw-on-a-pole from a local friend and cut some down, too. (With the homeowners permission.)

We wanted homemade macaroons.

And the coconuts weren't going to open themselves!

Jerry found an old, dull machete in the supply closet and he went to work on the outer husk.

Can you tell how much fun he's having using that old machete?  Time for a new one, I guess.

He hacked. He chopped, he nearly severed a finger or five, but eventually those wine glasses were full of delicious, white coconut meat and our bellies were full of fresh, sweet coconut water, straight from the source.

We have a great recipe for coconut macaroons. I just don't know what it is, but I'll post it another time when I can take photos of the process. Here's a quick recipe rundown:

Grated coconut, sweetened condensed milk, vanilla, and flour.

That's all I know. Mix it up, bake it, and HOLY MOLY THOSE THINGS ARE GOOD!

Just ignore the chunks of Jerry's fingers floating around in the cookies....

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Georgia the Sheltered Dog

The first morning after the long moving day was, as expected, an early one. 

(Why do kids do that? Busy, stressful days in a new environment should be followed by at least two mornings of sleeping late and being lazy. But, oh no! The later we go to bed, the earlier my kids get up. The newer the place, the even extra earlier they wake up.)

Even though we have not stayed in this particular house before, we have stayed in this neighborhood at least four other time, so the kids knew pretty well what to expect. 

But not Georgia. 

She was a lost and confused shaking pile of dog flesh. 

Georgia has lived her entire life in one house, playing with doggie friends in only 1-2 neighbors' yards, walking the same walk, running the same route. The sights, sounds, and smells were consistent and familiar. 

This being a whole different country, Georgia was in for some culture shock!

The back deck of our our first house is ocean front, high on a cliff overlooking the beautiful blue water of the Exuma Sound.

Georgia has seen water before, but it was calm, smooth lake water of Lake Amistad in Del Rio.

She hated that water. 

The water here wasn't any better. Even though she was probably 50 yards away from it, Georgia didn't like the look of all of that blue. 

In fact, she barked at the slow waves breaking against the cliff. 

She barked at the palm trees as they rustled loudly in the breeze. 

She barked at the far away sounds of other vacationers enjoying their beach holiday. 

But worst of all, she barked at each and every boat that passed our way. 

No. Not bark. She WENT COMPLETELY BERSERK.  Hair standing on end, crouched down, growling anger. 

She had a healthy dose of fence aggression back in Del Rio, and now she had a case of deck aggression!

The sailboats were the worst. 

Until the paddle boarders came close to the cliff. 

THAT was something to see. (Man! Those pasty Americans suddenly could paddle very quickly!!)

Eventually, with some encouragement, love, and bacon, Georgia stopped snarling and air-attacking the passersby.  

She figured it out. 

She learned how to chill. 

At least on the deck she did. 

Everywhere on the island?  That's a different story. 

Overall, I think she's happy here, because the one constant in all of this change, change, change is the fact that her people are all here with her. 

We moved to a new place, but brought the old, comfortable love. 

That's the best thing to bring on a new adventure.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Wonder Woman with Wings

Move Day had finally arrived. It was a beautiful Saturday that promised to be one of the busiest days I've ever had.  This is how it went down:

We (well, mostly me):

1.  Repacked almost all of our checked and carry on luggage while in the La Quinta parking lot.

2.  Dropped off the stuff at the shipping company (Jerry and I did this).

3.  Dropped off Jerry and Georgia at one airport.

4.  Then dropped off the uhaul trailer we'd been pulling for three weeks.

5.  Cleaned out the car of trash and parked it at the long term parking lot of FLL. 

6.  Rode a shuttle with seven bags and suitcases in tow. 

7.  Checked in for the flight, where I had to google for the ticket agent that we are allowed to enter the Bahamas with a return date of six months out, not 90 days. I was right, thanks. 

8.  Panic when we saw the security line of 3,393 people and our flight was in 40 minutes. 

9.  Praise God when the first TSA agent saw us and allowed us to, get this, COMPLETELY SKIP THE SECURITY LINE AND GO DIRECTLY TO THE FRONT!! (Sorry, angry people shooting us with death laser eye beams. Whatcha gonna do? Go to the front of the line is whatcha gonna do!!)

10.  (And we were able to skip the slow as molasses scanning machine because it's not approved for kids.)

11.  Ate at Chili's for an early dinner because our flight was delayed by a few hours. (Yes. Chili's was one of the few chain restaurants in Del Rio, but we never ate there because the service was so bad, so this was a treat!)

12.  Finally, we boarded the plane, after we, get this:  MET A FAMILY OF HOMESCHOOLING MISSIONARIES WHO HAVE KIDS THE AGE OF OUR KIDS, coach the baseball team, and told us about the only contemporary church service on the island. Oh, and that there are four more families that have kids all the same age who also homeschool. (Can I get a PRAISE GOD!!)


13.  Strapped into our seats and said goodbye to the U. S. of A.   

14.  Breezed through customs without a seconds glance, reunited with Jerry in the parking lot, and drove to our new home. 

15.  Sat back and enjoyed the fact that WE ARE HERE. 

We actually did it. 

We made it.