Friday, June 6, 2014

So Now What?

We are here. All five of us plus one chicken dog. 

We've explored the house and unpacked our clothes.

We've been to the store and bought supplies.

Now what?

We have fun! Not rushing here and there, no plans, just whatever whenever!

First on the fun list:  Coconut hunting!

(As I haven't set up the computer yet and my good photos are on my good camera, these iphone shots will have to do for now.)

The kids and I walked around the neighborhood and found some just right coconuts. We like the ones with some green and brown so the meat is firm but not dry.

We borrowed a saw-on-a-pole from a local friend and cut some down, too. (With the homeowners permission.)

We wanted homemade macaroons.

And the coconuts weren't going to open themselves!

Jerry found an old, dull machete in the supply closet and he went to work on the outer husk.

Can you tell how much fun he's having using that old machete?  Time for a new one, I guess.

He hacked. He chopped, he nearly severed a finger or five, but eventually those wine glasses were full of delicious, white coconut meat and our bellies were full of fresh, sweet coconut water, straight from the source.

We have a great recipe for coconut macaroons. I just don't know what it is, but I'll post it another time when I can take photos of the process. Here's a quick recipe rundown:

Grated coconut, sweetened condensed milk, vanilla, and flour.

That's all I know. Mix it up, bake it, and HOLY MOLY THOSE THINGS ARE GOOD!

Just ignore the chunks of Jerry's fingers floating around in the cookies....


  1. Love your stories, Paula! So, I know Georgia eats a ton of food. How do you get her food? Is it parachuted in? :) Can you take some pictures of what you call "the neighborhood"? I'm just curious about how close or distant these homes are.

  2. Can't wait to try the macaroons, they will go good with an Eleuthera sunset!