Monday, June 2, 2014

Wonder Woman with Wings

Move Day had finally arrived. It was a beautiful Saturday that promised to be one of the busiest days I've ever had.  This is how it went down:

We (well, mostly me):

1.  Repacked almost all of our checked and carry on luggage while in the La Quinta parking lot.

2.  Dropped off the stuff at the shipping company (Jerry and I did this).

3.  Dropped off Jerry and Georgia at one airport.

4.  Then dropped off the uhaul trailer we'd been pulling for three weeks.

5.  Cleaned out the car of trash and parked it at the long term parking lot of FLL. 

6.  Rode a shuttle with seven bags and suitcases in tow. 

7.  Checked in for the flight, where I had to google for the ticket agent that we are allowed to enter the Bahamas with a return date of six months out, not 90 days. I was right, thanks. 

8.  Panic when we saw the security line of 3,393 people and our flight was in 40 minutes. 

9.  Praise God when the first TSA agent saw us and allowed us to, get this, COMPLETELY SKIP THE SECURITY LINE AND GO DIRECTLY TO THE FRONT!! (Sorry, angry people shooting us with death laser eye beams. Whatcha gonna do? Go to the front of the line is whatcha gonna do!!)

10.  (And we were able to skip the slow as molasses scanning machine because it's not approved for kids.)

11.  Ate at Chili's for an early dinner because our flight was delayed by a few hours. (Yes. Chili's was one of the few chain restaurants in Del Rio, but we never ate there because the service was so bad, so this was a treat!)

12.  Finally, we boarded the plane, after we, get this:  MET A FAMILY OF HOMESCHOOLING MISSIONARIES WHO HAVE KIDS THE AGE OF OUR KIDS, coach the baseball team, and told us about the only contemporary church service on the island. Oh, and that there are four more families that have kids all the same age who also homeschool. (Can I get a PRAISE GOD!!)


13.  Strapped into our seats and said goodbye to the U. S. of A.   

14.  Breezed through customs without a seconds glance, reunited with Jerry in the parking lot, and drove to our new home. 

15.  Sat back and enjoyed the fact that WE ARE HERE. 

We actually did it. 

We made it. 


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