Thursday, July 31, 2014

Where's Paula?

Jerry thinks I'm nuts.  For many reasons, but for this post, my insanity rests in the fact that I love having a swimming pool nearby even with endless water at the beach.

There's just something nice about swimming without looking out for sharks, having to dislodge sand from every nook and cranny, and not having waves rocking you uncontrollably to and fro.

As we don't have our own pool, we have to go find one....

There is a resort, Sky Beach, down in Governor's Harbour, that has a very nice infinity pool next to a gorgeous pink sand beach.

If you buy a drink or eat at the restaurant (or stay in one of the bungalows), you can play and swim in their pool.

Did I mention they have a swim-up bar?

Who doesn't love a swim-up bar?

With our tummies full of fried grouper and conch fritters, the kids and I spent a few very peaceful hours playing and lounging at the pool.

And the lovely bartender talked endlessly with the kids, keeping them babysat entertained and full of Shirley Temples while did nothing but relax, catch up on my Facebook, and almost fall asleep.

(For some strange reason, even after three Sprites, the kids never left the pool.  Not once.  Not even to go pee.  Must be a magic bladder pool.)

 Thanks, Sammy!!

The views from the pool are just gorgeous.  Sometimes it's hard to believe that this is home, that we really live in a place full of so many colors, and so much beauty.  I still have to pinch myself to remember that our dream is now a reality.

We have found ourselves.

 And from the new color scheme at Sky Beach, we've also found Waldo......


  1. I love your writings, Paula! Makes me giggle!

  2. Great views! Can't wait to introduce the kids to Sammy, lol!

  3. We've been there. A little windier in March, but still gorgeous!