Friday, November 28, 2014

House #1

Only 4 months late, but here is the first house we lived in upon arriving in Eleuthera.  We stayed in this house for about 7 weeks, while we waited for our year long rental to become available. This house was such a joy to live in.  If you ever want to visit Eleuthera, this house is on the top of my list of rentals.  The listing can be found here

I won't go into too much detail, but the house was just about perfect for us.  Three bedrooms, on top of the water views, privacy, and an easy walk to our favorite little beach. 

We were able to easily fit both vehicles and our boat in the parking area.  Our cars have never had a more perfect view.

Nor have we.  This is the house from the water.  Ridiculous, isn't it?  We would often jump off of the low cliff into the deep water below, and then snorkel/spearfish around the corner to the neighborhood's little rocky beach, dubbed by us, Hermit Crab Beach.

Just a short stroll, or sprint, or hermit crab gathering, and you were in the more developed part of the neighborhood.  The kids could find dozens of huge hermit crabs in and around the road, while Georgia had ample stray dog poop to sniff along the way.

I cannot stress to you the gorgeousness of this neighborhood.  We have been vacationing in this neighborhood for six years, and it feels very much like home to us.  It is manicured, the power lines are buried (!!!!), the roads are mostly well paved, and there are tons of planted palm trees that give the neighborhood a very tropical feel.

As you continue down the road toward the beach, you start getting glimpses of the gorgeous bay of Hermit Crab Beach.  This is the Caribbean side of the island, so typically, the water is calm, clear, and stunning.

The yellow house pictured here was the house we were planning on renting for the year.  The view made the imperfections of the house almost worthwhile.  Almost.  But that's a whole other ball of surf wax.  Long story short, the house was in too much disrepair to be comfortably lived in for the price we were going to pay for it.

This is Hermit Crab Beach.  The beach was carved out of the iron shore, long ago, when the neighborhood was a resort and the yellow house was the clubhouse/restaurant.  The sand is rocky, but years ago Jerry and Paige created a path into the rock-less shallow water just beyond.  The path has been maintained by someone ever since.

Behind me in the photo, there are tidal pools always full of hermit crabs, crustaceans, little fish, and other oddities.  Fun for all ages.

The water beyond the rocks is over smooth, soft, white sand full of nothing but maybe a passing starfish or conch.  Many happy hours were spent in this exact spot.

Though we are very grateful for the awesome house we are in now, I am filled with nostalgia and longing when I look at this neighborhood.  This is probably where we would build a forever home, and for sure where we will come stay again in future Eleuthera visits.  

Until then, we'll drive past the neighborhood, wave hello, and continue on our adventure to somewhere else fantastic.  

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

100 hp Man

 Dad, we are so used to having a parent around 24/7 that we can't possibly entertain ourselves so now we're bored.  Play with us.  

 Sure thing kids who I love to spoil constantly all day everyday with candy, sugar, and high adrenaline activities!

Hop on the skim board I so cleverly turned into a human-powered speed machine!

 Keep your balance now.  Bend your knees slightly.  And if you roll off keep your mouth shut so you won't get sand in your teeth.  

 Phoebe's turn!  I'll go slow.  Don't stand facing front.  Josh run beside her in case she falls off so she can land on you.

Nice job.  

Pull me again, Daddy!  Please?  

Not right now.  The 100 hp (human-power) machine needs a rest.  And perhaps some candy. 

Want some kids?

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Sand Lips

Oh, my.  Georgia, darling.  You look marvelous!  Is that a new shade of lipstick you're wearing?  I simply must know what it is!?

How nice of you to notice.  Why, yes.  It is a new shade I just picked up.  It's called "Sand".  Isn't it just to die for?

But it does stick to my tongue terribly.  See?

Beauty doesn't come without it's sacrifices.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Finally! We Get to Ride in a School Bus!

Way back in June, the kids had a new experience. 

Yay!  They get to ride in a school bus!  Finally!

Except it's not a school bus.  It's a camp bus.

Except it's not a bus, but a converted truck bed with a canopy, rails, and benches.

Whatever.  Close enough!

We had to meet the surf camp "bus" at 8:45 am, at the bottom of the hill where the neighborhood road meets the highway.

We got there early, and the bus was late, so we entertained ourselves with photography and Rock, Paper, Scissors.

Phoebe wasn't yet old enough for me to comfortably send her to surf camp, so she and I were going to have five fun weekdays together.

(Having only one child when you're used to three is like a vacation all in itself!)

After much patience and 2,344 games of R/P/S later, the bus arrived!!

Notice the highway?  Yep.  That's it.  Queen's Highway.  One road, two lanes, 110 miles long, many towns, 8,654 bone-jarring potholes, a few stop signs, and zero stoplights.

I repeat.

Not.  One.  Stoplight.  ON THE ENTIRE ISLAND.

Now you know why we really moved here.

The kids loaded up, adding their excitement to that of the kids already on board, and they headed south to Surfer's Beach for a day of surfing and excitement.

Phoebe and I waved goodbye, Georgia ignored them as usual, and we walked back home to find our own adventures.